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Affiliated Advisory Board Org.
 Am. Soc. for Healthcare Engineering
 American Hospital Association
 Department of Health & Human Services
 Department of Homeland Security
 ER One Institute
 Kaiser Permanente
 NIMS Integration Center
 The Joint Commission

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 About Us


Advance hospital and healthcare facility emergency preparedness through the development and presentation of incident command operational guidance, instructional materials, program presentations and instructor credentialing.


  • Develop incident command related guidance for hospitals and healthcare facilities
    Provide instructional materials for use in teaching hospital and healthcare facility personnel emergency preparedness planning and response
  • Create a clearinghouse for “best practices” for hospital and healthcare facility emergency preparedness and response


An executive staff composed of personnel from WHC and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. will be responsible for day to day operations and final execution of all policies, issues and decisions relating to this Agreement.

An Advisory Board will be composed of individuals with a broad based background in hospital and community emergency preparedness and who served on the HEICS IV Project. They will be asked to serve for one year but can be reappointed. Board members will be asked to review and comment on select draft materials and provide recommendations on other related Foundation activities.

The Board will meet via teleconference and or in person at least once annually. A representative from the following organizations shall also serve in an advisory capacity. They include:

  • American Hospital Association (AHA)
  • Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
  • American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE)
  • NIMS Integration Center (NIC)
  • Healthcare Resources and Services Agency (HRSA)
  • United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Administrative Operations:

Two Executive Directors (1 each from Washington Hospital Center and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.) will provide the day to day management and supervision of all HICS related activities. Each partner will provide administrative staff to work with their Director to manage mutually agreed to areas of responsibility.

Services to be offered:

The services offered through the Foundation will gradually be expanded to include the following:

  • Developing and operating a HICS Foundation web page
  • Answering HICS related questions via email or phone
  • Coordinating requested instructional assistance
  • Collection and dissemination of “best practices” related information relative to HICS as well as hospital preparedness and response issues

HICS Administration
Craig DeAtley, PA-C
Co-Executive Director
HICS Center for Education & Training
Institute of Public Health Emergency Readiness
mailto: Craig.DeAtley@medstar.net

Denise C Jones
Administrative Coordinator
Institute for Public Health & Emergency Readiness
Web site administrator
mailto: Denise.C.Jones@medstar.net

Skip I. Skivington
Co-Executive Director
Center for HICS Education & Training
Kaiser Permanente
mailto: Skip.I.Skivington@kp.org

HICS Advisory Board Members
Al Fluman
NIMS Training & Exercise Branch Chief
National Emergency Training Center
mailto: Al.Fluman@dhs.gov

Ann Potter, RN, CEM
mailto: annmpotter@earthlink.net

Barbara Dodge
Education Hospital Preparedness Education
Center for Preparedness Education
mailto: bdodge@unmc.edu

Cleo L. Castle, RN
Director of Emergency Dept.
Grand River Medical Center
mailto: ccastle@grhd.org

David M. Esterquest, BSN, TTNS
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Rush University MC
mailto: david_m_esterquest@rush.edu

Dean P. Morris, CPP
Corporate Services Group, LLC
mailto: Dean.Morris@corpservicesgroup.com

John D. Prickett, RN
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
LRG Healthcare
603-524-3211 x3666
mailto: jprickett@lrgh.org

Kenneth E. Lewis, CSP
Ken Lewis & Associates
mailto: kelew@hughes.net

Lisa Cole, RN
Director of Trauma & Emergency Management
Methodist Healthcare
mailto: lisa.cole@mhshealth.com

Loni Howard, RN, MSN
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento
mailto: HowardL@sutterhealth.org

Lt. Spencer T. Schoen, MSC, USN, CEM
Head, Federal Emergency Preparedness / Installation Emergency Manager
mailto: stschoen@gmail.com

Marla R. Kendig, MS, CIH, CEM
Mgr Section of Emergency Mgmt & Fire Safety
Mayo Clinic
mailto: kendig.marla@mayo.edu

Mary Massey, RN, CHA
Regional Hospital Preparedness Coordinator
mailto: msmassey@cox.net

Melinda Stibal, MBA, RN
Admin Director, Emergency & Trauma Services
Memorial Healthcare System
954-987-2020 x 5222
mailto: mstibal@mhs.net

Nathan Szejniuk, BSEH, CEHT
Public Health District Emergency Planner
Thomas Jefferson Health District
mailto: nathan.szejniuk@vdh.virginia.gov

Peter Brewster
Education / Training Manager
Department of Veteran's Affairs
mailto: Peter.Brewster2@med.va.gov

Robert A. Wise, MD
Vice President, Division of Standards and Survey Methods
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
mailto: rwise@jcaho.org

Roslyne Schulman
Senior Associate Director, Policy Development
American Hospital Association
mailto: rschulman@aha.org

Sheri L. Waldron, RN, BSN
Emergency Planning & Clinical Project Coordinator
Carson City Hospital
989-584-3971 x 191
mailto: swaldron@carsoncityhospital.com

Steven N. Matles, OHST, CHSP
Safety Officer
Washoe Health System
mailto: smatles@washoehealth.com

Tim Adams
ASHE Director, Member Professional Development
mailto: tadams@aha.org

Tracy L. Buchman, DHA Candidate, CHSP, CHPA
Director of Safety
University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics
mailto: tbuchman@uwhealth.org

Cheryl Starling, RN
Pandemic Influenza Project Manager
California Department of Public Health
Division of Communicable Disease Control, Immunization Branch
Cell Phone: 916-315-8517
Richmond Ofc: 510-307-8582   Sacramento Ofc: 916-324-0336
mailto: cheryl.starling@cdph.ca.gov

Arnold (Arnie) Joseph Spanjers III MD
Emergency Department
(Including Occupational Medicine)
Kaiser-Permanente Hayward/Fremont
mailto: aspanjers@comcast.net
mailto: arnie.spanjers@kp.org